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The fashion retail industry has changed because customers prefer to shop online. With the consumer becoming faster, smarter and tech savvy, the boutique owner has to respond by offering customers what they need: a way to quickly check the new garments which you have on offer.

Social media networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, are great tools and must be used but when a customer is looking for specific type of garment, your brand's Facebook timeline that day may be littered with other stuff. A mobile app is the best way to show a customer your new designs neatly listed by category, to offer the customer discounts via push notifications and to enable customers to locate your store.

An increasing number of fashion and apparel stores in India are getting online with mobile apps to engage with a mobile savvy customer. You can take the first step in adopting a mobile strategy for your business today.


  • Make your brand & products accessible to your most affluent customers
  • Let customers view your product catalogue with photos, description & prices
  • get detailed info about garments in which customers are interested
  • Send news, special offers and discounts to everyone who has installed your app
  • Customers can locate your shop easily with turn-by-turn directions on a map


Get a mobile app for Rs. 15000 per year or make a down payment of just Rs. 3000 & pay Rs. 1500 per month.

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