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We Manage Hadoop and Spark, So You Can Focus On Your Business

We help you with design, patching, data ingestion, and cluster management—so you can focus on your queries. Pricing is based on node hours, with no hidden fees or upfront investments.
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Big data applications help you make sense of your data and discover critical insights that drive business optimizations. But with large volumes of data, a shortage of expertise, and large upfront investments, your project costs can quickly spiral out of control.

With Cloud Big Data, you can quickly provision a robust environment powered by Apache™ Hadoop® and Spark that's sized to fit your high-volume data processing needs and your budget. And because it's built on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), you get enterprise-grade quality and 100% open technology.


  • Single tenant and multi-tenant options
  • Dedicated 24x7x365 support to help whenever you need it
  • Support for Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Arcadia
  • Industry leading distribution Hortonworks Data Platform
  • Architecture guidance with the Help Me Choose tool
  • Custom configuration and data upload supported


Hadoop HDP 1.3, 2 vCPU, 7.5 gigabytes RAM, 1.25 terabyte disk

The charges listed below are for using the server, calculated per hour or part thereof. Bandwidth charges are calculated at a flat rate of Rs. 10 per gigabyte per month or part thereof, as per actual usage, and in addition to the following charges

Data NodesCost per Hour
1Rs. 22
2Rs. 44
3Rs. 65
4Rs. 86
5Rs. 108
10Rs. 216
20Rs. 432

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