Cloud data sync and data backup in India

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Use the cloud to backup, sync and share your files and data:
  • Protect data against loss, theft, viruses and natural disasters
  • Access your files and data from any web browser, anytime, anywhere
  • Share data securely within your office or with branch offices across the globe
  • Sync files with co-workers automatically, as soon as they are edited / updated

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Have peace of mind knowing that your company's data is safe with Amazon S3 (or other cloud storage service of your choice) and all your computers are automatically backed up every day.

Managed Online Backup

Use our software to automatically backup to the cloud - we make it easy for you to use Amazon S3 or other reputed cloud service providers like EMC Atmos, Nirvanix, GoGrid, vcloud, Zetta, Scality, Dunkel and Mezeo. With our software, your files and data will be stored safely with your choice of cloud service providers.

Restoring files is easy and with versioning, you can restore files 'as they were' at a specific time.

We offer a managed online backup service and provide assistance with configuring the initial backup, continuous monitoring of the backup processes to ensure that backups actually happen, proactive alerting in the event backups fail and, for clients in India, help with restoring and recovering data.


Our software automatically keeps in sync all files and data which have been recently altered / edited so that co-workers have access to the latest files right on their local computers hard disk – even when they are offline.

File Sharing

Use a simple web based interface (or a virtual disk drive) to share files across computers, branch offices and remote locations by uploading and downloading from a common, password protected cloud storage space. Increase productivity by enabling access to files anywhere and at any time. Decrease email congestion by using links instead of sending attachments.

This is not only backup, it is much more.

Most other backup services offer just backup. We offer you a way to store your data on the cloud with Amazon S3 or other reputed cloud service providers like EMC Atmos, Nirvanix, GoGrid, vcloud, Zetta, Scality, Dunkel and Mezeo. We also make it easy for you to share and sync files between multiple computers in your office / branch offices and enable co-workers to securely access files on the desktop, via the web or with their mobile phone or smartphone. Our software supports multiple computers, operating systems and users enabling co-workers to collaborate using the same files.

No limit on how much you backup, restore, sync and share.

While other services place a maximum storage limit on your account, making it difficult or even impossible to backup large files or media, our software uses cloud storage which is truly unlimited. The cloud's unique pay-as-you-go model ensures that storage space scales up as your requirements increase: you can never outgrow cloud storage services even if you backup external drives, network drives and NAS devices which other backup services typically block.

Low cost - you pay as per actuals.

With others charging more than four times as much as we do, our economical 'per gigabyte per month' price makes online backup on the cloud affordable to more businesses than ever. You pay only for what you use, with no minimums, directly to the cloud storage provider of your choice.

Complete control over who has access to what.

We help setup and configure accounts for you and your co-workers. Based on your instructions we create virtual disk drives for individual co-workers or entire departments and manage permissions for appropriate access. Along with detailed reporting, you will have control over your online storage and be able to audit which of your co-workers have stored and accessed which files.

Encryption with custom AES-256 encryption key.

You can choose a custom AES-256 encryption key so that all of your data is encrypted before it leaves your office and stays encrypted while it is stored on the cloud.

Additional Features

  • Intuitive Interface – a simple, efficient interface that makes it fast and easy to backup your data
  • Backup Vaults – a new concept that reduces both backup time and costs. *Backup Vaults exist with Online Disks. A single account can have multiple *Online Disks (which can be located at different cloud providers), and each Online Disk can have multiple Backup Vaults (multiple computers backing up onto the same Online Disk)
  • Easy Remote Management – easily and quickly manage your files no matter where you are on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer whether through the network drive or via web access
  • Block-level De-duplication – reduces the amount of data you need to backup and the amount of online storage you use by 10x – 20x
  • Block-level Incremental Updates – increases backup speed by only uploading the changed portion of files and never uploading the same data twice
  • Mac, Windows & Linux Support – competitive products do not support all platforms
  • Automatic Backup / Cleanup – document versions are handled on a “per backup” basis, allowing you to restore a file or set of files “as they existed” at any specific backup time. Backup Retention Period is controlled by the user on a per-backup job basis, and files can be kept indefinitely

Calport Cloud Storage: a low cost cloud based managed backup, synchronization and file share service in India.

Storage SpaceMonthly RateAnnual RateMax. Users
10 GBRs. 1,500Rs. 15,0003
20 GBRs. 2,500Rs. 25,0005
50 GBRs. 4,000Rs. 40,00025
100 GBRs. 7,000Rs. 70,00050
200 GBRs. 10,000Rs. 100,000100
1,000 GBRs. 20,000Rs. 200,000Unlimited