Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware


Tiki Hosting, Configuration and Customization

Tiki Wiki is the free open source web content management system with the most built-in features. It can be used as a CMS for typical business websites or as a full-featured wiki platform to facilitate teamwork and collaboration.

We have a decade of experience with Tiki Wiki and prefer it over other CMS's such as WordPress and Drupal for websites which we make for our clients.

We specialize only in Tiki Wiki CMS:

  • Manual install of Tiki Wiki with server appropriate configuration, optimization, permissions, security settings and integration. Note this is not a one-click automated install
  • 24/7 technical support by in-house Tiki Wiki experts. Can troubleshoot most issues
  • Managed backup / data recovery of Tiki Wiki code and database. Snapshot every four hours
  • Fast and secure web, database & CDN services for great user experience, SEO signal compliance and 100% uptime. Page load time of < 5 seconds
  • Hosting services are optimized for Tiki Wiki application. Our MariaDB based hosting is 2x faster than mySQL, servers are load-balanced and can scale up automatically, cache performance is optimized, Rackspace CDN serves images, the works...
Installation & ConfigurationWe can install, optimize and secure Tiki Wiki on our servers or yours. We can set up Tiki to work as per your requirements by configuring any combination of 1000+ parameters
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware HostingHost Tiki on our servers which are powered by Rackspace Cloud. Choose a low-cost web hosting plan for a business website or a high availability plan for a community website
Design & DevelopmentWe create custom themes and carry out bespoke development of Tiki Wiki
Tiki Wiki SEOWe tweak settings, make changes to configuration and modify templates to make a Tiki better optimized for search engines than it can be with a default settings installation
Customization & IntegrationNeed Tiki to work your way? Talk to us and find out just how far we can take Tiki with custom modules and integration
Support, Updates & UpgradesDo you have an existing Tiki which needs attention? We have the expertise to support and hand-hold you every step of the way
Tiki Wiki MigrationMove your existing Tiki Wiki application to our hosting service. We have a tried and tested migration process that can be carried out without any service interruption

Websites, intranets, extranets and wikis with any combination of the following features and functionality:

Knowledge baseWiki, FAQs, File gallery, Photo Album, Tags, Search, Kaltura video management integration, etc.
Collaboration / Project ManagementWiki, Forums, Tasks, Permissions, Timeline, Proposals / Votes, Blog, Categories, Watch, etc.
Publishing / web siteNews articles, Blog, RSS, Newsletter, Maps, Themes, Banners, WYSIWYG, SEO, etc.
CommerceShopping Cart, Payment, Membership, Credits, Accounting, etc.
Social networking/CommunityFriends, Maps, Inter-user messages, Surveys, Polls, Chat, Share link, Comments, Calendar, etc.
CRM / Help DeskUser database, membership, Bug & issue trackers, polls, etc.
Office suiteWiki, Spreadsheet, Slideshow, Drawings, Database (trackers) and Reports, etc.
Personal Information Management (PIM)Calendar, Webmail, Address book, Notepad, Time Sheet, etc.
E-learningQuizzes, Slideshow, BigBlueButton webinar integration, etc.
FrameworkApp builder (forms & reports), Workflow, Profiles, Advanced wiki syntax, etc.

Standard Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware hosting

Compute cycles200
Storage space500 megabytes
MySQL database100 megabytes
Bandwidth10 gigabytes per month
Email10 POP3 / IMAP mailboxes of 1 gigabyte each
FeaturesPHP5, ASP.NET 4.5
Rs. 5,500 per year

High availability Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware hosting

Compute cycles2000
Storage space1 gigabyte
MySQL database500 megabytes
Bandwidth50 gigabytes per month
Email100 POP3 / IMAP mailboxes of 1 gigabyte each
FeaturesPHP5, ASP.NET 4.5,
load balanced db server,
load balanced web server
Rs. 30,000 per year

Tiki Wiki design, development, consultation, troubleshooting and expert advise

We charge Rs. 2,000 or USD 30 per hour.