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Migrating your email and other services can be a stressful transition, but our Email Account Migration service takes away the headache and allows you to move your users to our services with confidence.
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Depending on the source platform, our service can move your email messages, public and private folders, groups, calendars, notes and tasks to our Secure Hosted Exchange service. Our support team will introduce you to the service and walk you through a few simple steps to get started.

The Office 365 migration works essentially the same way as the move to Secure Hosted Exchange. There are some initial steps that we can help you complete and based on what platform you're coming from, you'll be able to migrate your mail, folders, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks very easily. As with Secure Hosted Exchange, you also have the option of using our automated migration service to move your data.

Whether you need to migrate mailboxes or SharePoint data, we've got you covered.


  • Pre-plan your migration
  • Migrate and organize content in bulk, saving time and resources
  • Maintain valuable metadata for compliance and governance policies
  • Keep content organized by classifying or reclassifying as you migrate
  • Maintain all document properties including versioning history, creation/ownership rights and modifications
  • Keep full site and list permissions, or modify if needed
  • Leave out unnecessary sites or lists
  • Migrate without server-side installation and with no need for IT involvement or security concerns
  • Pay only for the data you migrate


Email account migration is a customizable platform, so the price will vary depending on how your organization configures and deploys it.

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